Digital Future: hosting your collaborators for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

Digital Future, as the Antenna for Calabria of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, is available to host a your collaborator, from 1 to 6 months for the training period. Your collaborator will receive a contribution of € 900 for month.

Objective: To transfer to your collaborator skills in the context of European projects.

Main objective: to have a collaborator who is from union between Digital Future and your organization to write, together with our staff, projects to be presented in the Erasmus program and Horizon.

Already we are hosting two young, one from Greece and one in Lithuania. They are young people from two organizations with whom we collaborate Digital Future.

It ‘an opportunity that allows us to join forces and prepare projects. It ‘s like if your organization it were in Italy !!

If you have collaborators available to do this experience, please contact me immediately. We will give you all the assistance for the registration in the platform.

Given that we already have a lot of requests, let us know by November 20 because we have to make registration by December 10 to schedule the placements of 2015.

For more information please contact
Vincenzo Apa

Do you want to write for us? Read our guest post guidelines here!

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