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Digitize Enterprise Youth-Work Toolkit and Handbook


Youth-Work Toolkit is the first series of virtual learning tools aiming i) to increase enterprise awareness and skills of young people and ii) to address policy recommendations for the development and implementation of SMART digitally enhanced youth work.  

The toolkit was developed for youth practitioners, to simultaneously support digital youth work approaches and deliver non-formal enterprise and employability learning opportunities, by providing them with a package of 30 bespoke digital resources, designed around the concept of ‘Micro-learning’, short and concise learning nuggets, delivered in multi-media formats to promote blended learning approaches. 

The toolkit’s “learning nuggets” includes a mix of resources (interactive games, infographic resources, podcasts, bite-sized eLearning videos, interactive case studies, business blogs) that can be integrated into existing youth work activities including group work, discussions, role plays & energizers. 

In particular, the toolkit is consisted of 10 key entrepreneurial/employability themes:  

  • Module 1 – Entrepreneurship 
  • Module 2 – Marketing and Start-up Basics 
  • Module 3 – Business Planning and Sustainability  
  • Module 4 – Financial Management & Fundraising 
  • Module 5 – Leadership 
  • Module 6 – Problem Solving & Decision Making 
  • Module 7 – Building Networks 
  • Module 8 – Stress & Time Management 
  • Module 9 – Critical Thinking 
  • Module 10 – Creativity & Innovation 

Each theme includes three different learning nuggets.  

Along with the Toolkit, a Youth Practitioner Handbook was developed.  

The handbook contains all the information required to access and integrate the Youth-Work Toolkit. It also provides information on how the digital resources can be integrated non-formally in work groups, role-play activities etc.  

Explore, learn more and use the Youth-Work Toolkit along with-its Handbook. 

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Youth-Work Toolkit and Handbook were developed under the framework of the European project “Digitize Enterprise”, where IED – The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates as partner, along with South West College (Northern Ireland) – coordinator of the project, DRAMBLYS (Spain), Citizens in Power (Cyprus) and Donegal Youth Service (Ireland). 

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