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How easy do you think it is to communicate with your colleagues about the tasks you need to complete together? Do you think your communication are good enough for other people to be able to understand what you mean?

In most cases, people believe that what they do or say is something that others can understand pretty easily. However, people fail to notice that people have their own way of thinking and sometimes that way of thinking might not be consistent with others. As a result, communication is rather often lost and things may deteriorate.

Things become even more difficult when you have to communicate with someone else, in writing. Words can often be taken out of context and this can be rather dangerous especially in a work environment.

This is the kind of problem that needs to be fixed and the key here is building your communication skills. There are multiple exercises that can help you develop those skills. However, it has been observed through research that there is nothing more effective when it comes to developing skills than games.

Taking this under consideration, the game SUSPECT was developed during the implementation of the Triple E-dge Erasmus+ project. SUSPECT is a game that puts people in the position of communicating in writing to manage and catch the thief! In this multiplayer game, the victim (player 1), who witnesses the crime has to describe the culprit to a policeman (player 2). The policeman then reconstructs” the thief’s face based on this information and asks for confirmation. The goal is to communicate in a successful way and find out who did the crime… so they can do the time!

As you can understand, communication is the key here. Both the person describing as well as the person searching for the suspect need to be able to communicate perfectly. As the game develops, so do your communication skills. So, download it now! Do not forget that you need to connect at the same time with a friend of yours if there is no one already online to play with!

Download the game in the beta version here and try it out!

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