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We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all have something in which we are above-average good and something we feel we need to improve … And, what prevents us from doing so? We can develop our skills and abilities in many different ways! One of them is … by playing!

As part of the “Triple E-dge: Entrepreneurship, Employability, and Entrepreneurship in a Digital and Gaming Environment” Erasmus+ project, in which the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development participates as a partner, we have created some original and entertaining mobile games that aim to develop your personal skills!

The DODO game aims to enhance our personal flexibility. In other words, how flexible are we in a situation? How adaptable? Should we try to work on it even further? In the game, you are the little Dodo who wants to reach his friend at all costs. But first, you have to go through some difficulties and challenges. At first glance, they are the same at every level. But, are they really? 

Download the game for free on iOS and Android!

Our second mobile game is called SUSPECT and its aim is communication that properly transmits the message. This is a multiplayer game, so a friend must be connected at the same time. Then, one of you takes on the role of the police officer and the other the victim of a mugging. The victim must describe the perpetrator as best as they can, while the police officer has to put together the details provided in order to bring the right person to justice! Sounds simple? Well, it isn’t.

Meet up with a friend and download the game for free on IOS andAndroid (soon available on iOs)!

Work it Out highlights the importance of problem-solving. Τhere is a solution for every problem as difficult or challenging as it seems! In the game, your goal is to find a way to leave your office having limited moves and against lurking dangers! Will you manage to get to … the weekend? Download the game for free on iOS and Android!

In the LEADURSHIP game, you are working on your leadership skills .. by leading your ship! True leaders help others as much as they do themselves to achieve their goals. Being a good leader means making decisions and taking initiatives for the common good, regardless of your personal interests. In this game, you do just that: you try to keep the balance between what needs to be done and what you want to do. Can you keep your crew, mission and crew in order? But be aware… The Organi$ation is always watching you…

Download the game for free on iOS and Android!

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Anna Koronioti
Scientific Coordinator