E365 project’s progress and future steps

Entrepreneurship in 365 days-E365 is a project that has as main objective to foster entrepreneurship skills development among unemployed adult learners. The partnership consists of 6 organizations. Learning Centre EVA-93, the applicant from Latvia, Neotalentway from Spain, Institute of Entrepreneurship Development-IED from Greece, Baltic Education Technology Institute-BETI from Lithuania, University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz-AHE from Poland and The Chamber of Development for Entrepreneurs from Slovenia. 

The consortium had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other in the Kick Off meeting in Riga, Latvia in February 2020 where each organization there introduced themselves and discussed on project’s upcoming activities and procedures. After  the successful first meeting and the efficient collaboration of the partnership, tasks have been assigned in a way that all partners would contribute to the overall activities but at the same time each one would be leading specific tasks according to their expertise and previous experience. 

All partners started developing the training resources described in Intellectual Output I in order to enhance self-directed learning. Despite the breakout of the pandemics of COVID-19 the consortium remained committed and managed to continue with project’s activities and finalize the development of the training resources with high quality addressing output’s objectives.  This unprecedented situation affected the meeting that was supposed to happen in Greece in May 2020 and was held virtually instead. 

At this moment, all organizations involved are working on the translation of the developed training resources in their language and met once again online in August to discuss about their progress and future steps and the upcoming Transnational Meeting that will be also virtually and it will focus on the introduction of the platform that will contain all the training resources produced. 

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Fenia Kalantzi
Project Administration Manager

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