Explaining the Concept of Urban Sustainable Development

The concept of urban sustainable development is defined as an initiative, that contains a set of goals, which serves the establishment of equilibrium, in terms of human health and environmental systems. Moreover, the starting point of this concept, is the transformation of cities and towns.

Links Between Urban Sustainable Development and the 2030 Agenda

The set of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), has incorporated, to its strategic plan, the content of this concept. In particular, Sustainable Development Goal Number 11, or SDG 11. This goal is aiming to transform cities and human settlements into acquiring qualities, such as: becoming inclusive; safe; resilient; and, sustainable. Apparently, the constant rise of the population has led to fulfilling needs of prosperity and survival. Hence, redefining urban planning, according to the emerging circumstances of people and ecology, is imperative.

An Example of Implementation

For example, in a Freiburg’s district, called Vauban, in Germany, the initiative occurred. Among the qualities, the urban planning of Vauban, relies on is green transportation. They managed to achieve less use of cars, by developing an efficient transportation network. In addition, the district’s inhabitants, who own a vehicle, abide by the fact that they need to park far from their household. Furthermore, the local data has shown improvements regarding:

  • Energy.
  • Sulphor-dioxide and CO2.
  • Mineral resources.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development acknowledges the significance of urban sustainable development; and, considers the implementation imperative. Our Institute participates in numerous European projects in this context.

iED is one of the “U-SOLVE: Urban sustainable development SOLutions Valuing Entrepreneurship” project partners. It is an ENI CBC Med project. The strategic partnership aims at promoting entrepreneurial sustainable development strategy. In order to achieve that it combines SDGs’ adoption with entrepreneurship.

For more information, regarding U-SOLVE, you can visit the project’s official webpage.

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