FIT Project: An Introduction

Our new Erasmus+ FIT project foresees the development of a program, especially addressed to women entrepreneurs, no matter the business stage. Furthermore, this program will be supplemented with circular economy business models. Educating women financially will be reinforced economically, through creating sustainable businesses.

Furthermore, being financial literate will extend on fortifying their political and social participation. The addition of circular economy to the project’s scope, will introduce businesses into reshaped ethical norms; and balance out business profit with societal and environmental benefits.

FIT Project: Promoting Entrepreneurial Activity and Financial Knowledge for Women

The scope of FIT project is to empower women entrepreneurs, through financial literacy. Engaging in any entrepreneurial activities demands basic financial literacy. Despite the fact that women entrepreneurship can become a significant contributing factor to the societal and economic landscape, women have deficient knowledge, regarding finance. Hence, in case of financial issues arisen, they are inefficiently managed and poor decisions are made.

The action plan is formed to be adaptable to learning need and highly transferable, in order to meet the project’s goals. The project activities’ plan is as follows:

  • Development of a syllabus and a skills framework, which will be serving the purpose of skills’ assessment.
  • Creation of a modular e-course, based on 3 thematics: finance; circular economy; practices and leadership skills. In addition, this activity is formed to serve different business stages.
  • Moreover, the action plan foresees mentoring and professional coaching by experienced professionals at international level.

The mission of empowering women, not only professionally but to a greater extent, is represented by the FIT project partnership. The strategic partnership is composed of 6 organizations, coming from Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, and Italy.

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