Gamify your business

The shift in the labor market over the past few years is visible. From small and medium enterprises to big corporate giants, everyone will need to adapt to the new changes. And change is never easy but it is in the best interest of the company as well as the labor market.

One of the biggest changes that have appeared these past few years is the introduction of gaming and gamification in the workplace. According to statistics, gamification in business has doubled sales in retail and has increased the performance of employees up to 40%. But how is gamification used in business?

Understanding gamification in business

There are two ways to translate the gamification phenomenon and that is based on where it is applied. Starting, we noticed that gamification has become a part of employee training. Work-based learning is growing larger and larger and gamification has a lot to do with it.

Nowadays, instead of locking employees in a room with an instructor and have them listen to tiring lectures about how they can increase their skills and competencies, businesses now use interactive gaming platforms, VR systems, and simulation games to train them. By giving them the ability to simulate working situations that they could meet in real life, gamification is enhancing their understanding capabilities and helps them come up with solutions to potential problems as well as improve current practices.

Attracting more customers

The second way to use gamification in business is to use the concept to attract more customers. With what is know as casino gaming customers can now interact with the business through gaming apps and gain more benefits. Casino gaming is the type of gaming where players play for either real money or tokens that they can exchange for services and products.

In America and a lot of countries in Europe, more and more people are now using this type of gamification to get sales and offers on products and services. A good example is the phone companies’ apps. Through those apps, people are not just able to pay for phone services every month. They can play games through the apps, collect tokens, and then use those token to exchange them for things like free data.

Enhancing your business brand

If you are in the retail business, introducing such an app to your customers could be a great help. You could provide your regular customers with the ability to interact with your shop daily. By playing games through your app they can gather token which can be turned into discounts. At the same time, you could provide them with the ability to gather tokens and use them to get a product for free.

It has been observed that people love interacting with games and apps more if they can get something out of it that is not just a fun time. With games like that, you will also increase your brand and connect your business with something fun.

The best material about gamification in business

It is of course important for your apps and games to work perfectly. If the system loses data or if the app is not in complete sync with its users you are going to get a bad name. That is certainly not going to work in your favor. Gamifying your business can be expensive. However, in the next few years, it will not be just an option. It will be a necessity. Make sure to take the next step today and bring innovation to your company.

If you want to learn more about gamification in the business world, you can visit the official website of the EU funded project, Triple-Edge. There you will find yourselves in front of some high-quality educational material on gamification for business as well as four interactive games that will help you increase your skills as a business owner or employee.

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