Greek winners of Startup Europe Awards

The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) and held the final national competition for the startups in Greece, the Startup Europe Awards.

The awards process was the following: The iED, an NGO promoting the entrepreneurship and supporting startups, through a special platform dedicated to Greek startups ( tried to gather all the Greek innovative startups. Through a very simple registration the startups filled in their basic information. The total submissions in the platform reached the number of 75.

At the same time the, a sustainable-business education and incubation program for startup companies operating in Greece, selected through the competition of BlueGrowth two winning startups.

The Greek Jury that was formed by iED and selected on 2nd of December 2016 the five (5) winners out of five (5) different categories. The results are:


CityCrop is a venture aiming at modernising and democratising farming, as key to a healthier and greener living. The team’s vision is to bring fresh and healthy eating in every household by developing the first fully automated indoor garden, based on the technique of hydroponics. The CityCrop device and mobile app allows users to grow fresh and healthy food all year long as well as control and monitor their crop with just a click of a button.


Convert Art, the first startup upcycling company in Greece, manufactures handmade products with high design, aesthetics and quality, made exclusively from recycled inner tubes, tires, electrical equipment, wood and aluminium. Convert Art has created a line of handmade polymorphic bags, jewelry, and different objects like coasters, wallets, agendas, folding trays etc.


Hopwave, with the use of the small boats network, helps you discover new destinations in your island hopping journeys, allows you to travel with flexibility and book your island tours, beach excursions or sea activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing trips.


Nursify is a mobile device application that connects people who need First Aid Help with volunteers trained to provide First Aid Help. Nursify’s goal is to help close the gap between the time an injury or health problem occurs and the time professional medical care arrives by using a grid of trained volunteers.


Phee, is a startup company that uses the dead leaves of sea grass, Posidonia Oceanica, which are washed up in huge quantities along many Greek coasts. An estimate of 20-25 tons are collected by each municipality each year and buried at landfills burdening municipal budgets. Using a patent-pending manufacturing process PHEE is driving change in the design world having its top priority the fusion of innovative design and science for improving the build environment and human health.

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