Grow Your Raw and Sustainable Organic Production Enterprise

Lately more and more people tend to adopt the culture of organic production. People are more interested in the origin and production of products they use in their everyday life (food, cosmetics, etc.), and more and more micro-enterprises are emerging and the viability of such business models is much more stable and long-lasting than others.

In this context, the ERASMUS+ “Grow Your Raw and Sustainable Organic Enterprise (Business development, branding and Investment ready program)” program is being developed under the cooperation of five organizations from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, France, Skopje, and Greece. The first transnational meeting took place in Skopje, on the 8th and 9th of November.

The main objective of the project is to get people to know what organic production is and what’s the difference with the standard method, but also to enable everyone to develop a business idea in this field.

Also, as a new business sector, it will be able to offer enough jobs opportunities, thus providing a response to the high unemployment rates that plague many countries globally.

The project includes two 15-day training programs, one in Slovenia in late February and one in France at the end of March, giving participants the opportunity to learn about different production practices in other countries and to exchange ‘secrets’ for organic production. They will visit several businesses involved in organic production and thus will be able to learn various development practices, basic principles on organic production and local standards for the creation of a social or business startup.

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