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HOSTVET 2nd Transnational online meeting


The project HOSTVET-“IMPROVEMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL HOSTING VET ORGANISATIONS IN TOURISTIC SECTOR” is a project that focuses on the touristic sector. The partnership has created a blog “NEWS FROM EUROPE” where they share information about the activities of the project. Most of the partners published information concerning the 2nd Transnational meeting where the consortium participated and was held online due to the pandemics situation. You can find some abstracts from the articles published on the blog below. 

In order to restore freedom of movement and lift the internal border controls in a safe way, the member states should introduce targeted measures, which will replace the blanket restrictions. All actions should be based on epidemiological, economic and social considerations. The countries  should be also able to apply containment measures during the whole journey. 

Abstract from Tia Formazione, Italy  

The 2nd Transnational meeting for the project “HostVet: Improvement of Management of Local Hosting VET Organizations in Touristic Sector” was held virtually between 18-20 of May due to the pandemics situation. The initial plan was that the meeting would be realized in Portugal. 

Abstract from IED, Greece   

During the meeting, the hypothesis of doing digital mobilities in the field of Tourism was also analyzed – a measure that can be seen as an alternative, once there is no possibility of traveling (for now) and as a way of facing the Erasmus experience in another way. MAD for Europe partner also shared his experience regarding to this situation.  

Abstract from ProAndi, Portugal 

Another point that was highlighted was the digital internships. From MAD for Europe, during these weeks of confinement, we have been in contact with some participants from different European countries so that they could do their internships online, from their country of origin. 

Abstract from Mad for Europe, Spain 

In order to get informed about the project’s progress and activities and review the original articles you can visit us here: 

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