HOSTVET – New Strategies for Sustainable Tourism

The project HOSTVET “Improvement of the Management of Local Hosting VET Organisations in Touristic Sector” focuses on the touristic sector, a field that faced great challenges these months due to the pandemic. The partnership has created a blog “News FromEurope” where they share information about the activities of the project. ProAndi partners explored the issue of how to take advantage of this COVID-19 situation and improve the touristic sector. On the other hand, MAD FOR EUROPE shared the experience with their interns. In particular, they shared their perspective on travelling during these hard times. iED provided research regarding the Post COVID-19 sustainable tourism. You can find some abstracts from the articles published on the blog below. 

Abstract from iED, Greece

“Successful touristic models are intrinsically connected to openness, mobility and well-trained employees, things that are being acquired through extensive practice & training, constant experimentation with innovative ideas and sustainability development.” 

Abstract from MAD for Europe, Spain 

“In the case of Spain, at MAD for Europe, we had four participants from Latvia during July and August 2020 in Madrid who carried out work placements in a tourist-type restaurant in the city. Following their experience, we sent them the HOSTVET partners’ survey for participants to see how their experience went. It was the second experience with Erasmus+ for all of them and they had had training in their country before they came to Madrid.” 

Abstract from ProAndi, Portugal 

“The new strategies may involve ensuring the facilitation of flows, ensuring the proper health safety conditions, ease of transport and movement, streamlining procedures associated with travel in a coordinated manner at the international level is fundamental for the resumption of air transport and by inherence of tourist activity.” 

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Fenia Kalantzi
Junior Project Manager