How can the European culture affect European economic policies?

Economic policies have been around for a long time. This is the very first communities started to appear, there were economic policies that will be able to help those communities evolve. Nowadays, the first communities have evolved into large cities and countries and all the way to the European Union.

It is important for economic policies to be organized and specified to the need of each area. But unfortunately, perfectly organizing and economic policies difficult. That is mainly due to the fact that, everything can affect the economic policy of an area or region. Like for example the culture itself. The way the economic policies of Europe are today is due to the European culture and the effect it had through the centuries.

There is a reason why the European economic policies quite different from Asian economic policy or American economic policy. The cultures are different. To this day, European culture actually affects the way the economy goes. As you can understand, those two things are completely united and at the same time quite separate. It is important however to make sure that, European culture and European economic policies will be able to find a balance between one another.

It is important for scientific research to take place in order to be able to explain exactly how the culture is affecting the economy. But most importantly, it is important for scientific research to be able to give away to actually ‘’marry’’ those two and create harmony. That way, economic policies will not be negatively affected by culture. No, they will be able to use culture in order to advance further.

One of the most important reasons as to why research is on this particular field needs to be conducted is due to the fact that, if we already know how the European culture is going to affect the European economic policies then there is a pretty good chance to actually be able to predict how the policies are going to work out. In other words, would you conduct research on the risk management of the European economic policies that are affected by the European culture?

Organisations all around Europe but find themselves under umbrella frameworks like for example the Horizon 2020 are ready to conduct appropriate research in order to be able to create a map of the European culture and its effect on the European economic policies. The research that will be conducted on a scientific level will most certainly be able to clarify things and help their economic policies move along much more improved and ready to develop even further.

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