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Enhancing social rights to reduce poverty and social exclusion

Poverty and social exclusion are most certainly two very major problems around the European area. The European Union has been trying for a long time to minimize if not eliminate these phenomena completely. However, nowadays people around the European area, especially young people are not aware of their social rights and everything they can do in order to, on one hand, make money and on the other hand actually get included in the European society.

Being included in European society is the right way in order for someone to manage and escape poverty. A person that is not included in some sort of society has a lot of trouble finding employment. Therefore, it is completely reasonable to assume that the two phenomena are utterly connected.

By teaching young people nowadays there are social rights we can help them understand exactly what they can or cannot do within an organized society like the European society. As a result, they will be able to come up with a certain plan that will allow them to learn all the skills and competencies needed in order for them to get the job they are dreaming about.

However, things need to start from the beginning. The basics are simple. Teaching young children nowadays about their social rights. Everything they can do that will allow them to evolve personally and professionally and everything they cannot do in an organized society. Having that knowledge will help them build their idea for the future.

Through the use of technology, teaching children about social rights is a lot easier. The world of the Internet is able to provide people with a vast amount of information on a daily basis. That means that it is a lot easier for teachers to gain access to young people and teach them about social rights. At the same time, young people will find it a lot easier to actually track down information on exactly what social rights are and how they can benefit them.

The Horizon 2020 RIA, the big European financial framework, focuses on dealing with problems like poverty and social exclusion. Through the projects that are being implemented under the Horizon 2020, people all around Europe will have the opportunity to learn about social rights, learn how to use technology in order to completely comprehend social rights and of course use them to their advantage in order to find employment they need.

Teaching people about their social rights is one thing. Helping them understand that they need to use them is another. The teaching projects on this particular matter need to be extensive, organized and focused. Not just on the European youth but European citizens in general. At the same time, social rights apply to migrants and financial immigrants as well. Everyone who lives in Europe has the right to work for a better life. Know your social rights and improve your way of living today. After all, this is just as important for the European Union as every other important social problem.

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