How rural women can be supported?

Nowadays, women have an active role in society and the majority of them in the western culture are financially independent. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for all of them. Even if women are achieving more and more for their lives such as better job positions, are more active in leadership and many more, sometimes a few kilometers away in a rural area, other women may be still unemployed, financially dependent, and unable to master their own selves.

European Union has in the Agenda of 2020, specific goals for ameliorating the position of women in every country, either it is a city either a small village.

On the other hand, food demand is expected to expand in 98% by the end of 2050. As a result, is needed to act in order to prevent this ominous prediction.

The project RSWFF: “Rural Women to Sustainable Food and Farming-Fresh Food from Farm to Table”, combines both of the needs described above.

The project aims to empowering, connecting and supporting rural women through education, collaboration, opportunities and initiatives based on the needs of economic independence, dignified work and fulfilled lives, and focused on facilitating them to make positive, sustainable change and progress in their lives and communities.

The first Intellectual Output of the Project is called: The Network of Women from Rural Communities (NWRC). It is a Network in which women can support each other by communicating, exchanging ideas and cooperating under the aspect of agriculture and food system in order to be educated around the topic of the “Fresh Food Economy” trend and the agricultural entrepreneurship.

NWRC, also will help implementing competency-based and work-based learning, so women will be empowered from the knowledge they will get.

Through this Network, rural women can also arrange their virtual and physical meetings, in which they will support each other in order to expand their skills regarding the agricultural entrepreneurship and the related responsibilities.

All of the above will undoubtedly help women improve their live but the most important part is the inclusive atmosphere which will be cultivate and marginalized women will no longer feel in that way and they will prove to their selves that they deserve a better life.

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