How the improvement of long-term employability skills can decrease unemployment rates in Europe

Unemployment rates in Europe have been increasing rapidly over the past few years. With the financial crisis hitting young men and women hard it is nearly impossible for the European society to see any chance of a bright future. At least not for the next few years. Things are not very clear. Some say that the situation is getting better. Others say that things are deteriorating faster than before.

Whichever the case, young people in Europe are mostly the ones that have to deal with the problem. Not knowing how to find a job or if they are even going to be able to keep the job after a while. They could get fired because the business is not doing very well. Their lack of experience in the workplace could be the reason as well. Whichever the case, they continue to try and of course, they do everything in their power to improve their situation.

Finding ourselves in a work environment for the very first time can be rather intimidating. We do not know what to do. How to behave. What the protocol is. And all of that will result in not being certain whether we can keep the job or not. There are, however, certain workplace skills that are considered to be the most important. And as it has been proven, possessing those skills and improving them daily, can help you keep your job and as a result decrease, the employability rated.

The most important long-term employability skills that can help you become better at your job and maintain your position are the following:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Management
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Technology skills
  • Learning skills
  • Taking initiative
  • Being innovative
  • Thinking ahead.

These ten skills can be acquired and trained on a daily basis. They can do wonders in the workplace and some of them can be great outside of work as well. Communication skills are essential for our everyday interactions. Whether it is with friends, family colleagues or strangers. Training your communication skill needs to be a number one priority for you, in general.

Figuring out ways of training your skills can be of great benefit to you. Putting yourselves in the demanding situation can help you do that. Perhaps taking a few courses perhaps a few webinars and seminars that can give you access to extra training.

The reason why these skills can actually help you keep your job and therefore decrease the employability rates around Europe is due to the fact that, as it has been proven, these skills are the most essential to make a workplace 100% functional. The more trained the skills, the more functional the workforce. No employer would want to fire someone functional. A functional workplace can bring profit. And that is what every employer needs!

Start working on your skills today. Improve them. Learn more about them and start using them in the workplace. Basically, make yourself irreplaceable. If you are needed then you will be able to keep your position. And that is all it the first step towards decreasing the unemployment rate in Europe!

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Maria Dalakoura
Senior Project Manager

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