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How to develop non-standard thinking

There are plenty of methods of development of the creative thinking. This article will describe some of them and will help you to learn to find non-standard solutions in various situations. So here are the methods.

  1. New nervous connections in the brain. You can do this exercise every day at any time. You have to use “unusual” hand when doing usual things. For example, you are a right-hander, so you should brush your teeth, write, eat or draw with your left hand. Use unusual itineraries when going to work, when walking, etc. Invent unusual tasks for yourself. For example, spend a day without asking questions or always answering “yes”. In some time you will get used to inconveniences and your brain will start finding unusual solutions.
  2. Third party analysis. When you face some difficult or unpleasant situation, first, analyze it from your point of view (why it happened, what the consequences are, how you could prevent it, etc.). Then think how this situation is seen by other people (e.g. your boss, colleagues, friends, etc.). This is the way to see the situation from various angles which helps to percept it objectively, define strong and weak arguments and find an optimal solution.
  3. No synchronization. Do various exercises when your right hand does something different from your left hand. Playing the piano perfectly suits it. If you cannot play the piano, you may one by one touch the fingers of your left hand with you left-hand thumb and, at the same time, touch only three fingers with your right-hand thumb. At the beginning, it is extremely difficult, but with some time you’ll do it perfectly.
  4. Mind your coordination. This exercise trains your coordination and the work of both parts of the brain. Join the index of one hand with the thumb of another hand. Do the same for another pair of fingers. Then “do the circle” by means of the thumb of one hand and middle finger, ring finger and little finger (one by one) of another hand. As soon as you learn how to do it, do it faster and faster.
  5. Inconsistencies make your brain work better. First, try to regularly invent unusual usage for usual things, create new words, etc. Also try to answer the question: “Which of the skills, that I have, were never used?” it will teach you to better analyze everything and improve your analytical skills.

Use the methods described above and your brain will start working faster, more effectively and creatively.

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