How to overcome the career blind alley and find new directions

Nobody wants to do the job which they hate as it takes the biggest part of the life. If you are indifferent about your job or, even worth, you hate it, nothing motivates you it should be changed. The change of the company is not always the right solution as it happens that the person has to find his or her vocation and change the profession to restore professional harmony and satisfactions from the job. In order to solve this problem one should really decide if it is a blind alley or the person is just exhausted and needs some rest.

Step 1: Rest

First of all, take a vacation. It will help to understand if you are able to continue working for the same company or you need to change it. You may also realize that your job is not what you were dreaming about and you want to change your profession. It’s better to change the location for this vacation and to go somewhere to the sea, forest or mountains. Take some time for yourself and your thoughts.

Step 2: Personal analysis

Think of the job which you are ready to do even when you will not be paid for it. It should combine the things you like to do and things which you are good at and the things for which others are ready to pay. The following questions will help you with your vocation:

  1. What did you like to do in your childhood?
  2. What do you like to do now? How do you spend your spare time?
  3. Which things don’t you like to do? What do you usually postpone?
  4. Which tasks make you forget about time?
  5. Which tasks fill you with energy and make you reveal your creativity?

Step 3: Define your success zone

Basing on the answers to the questions, make a list of your skills and talents and choose top 3. This is your success zone. Now think where you can apply these skills and your strong features. This will help you to make up your mind if you have to change the company or even your profession in order to enjoy the things you do.

Step 4: Doublecheck of the decision

After you have decided what to do, you may check if your decision is correct. Imagine that nothing can be changed after this decision, that your choice cannot be revised. What do you feel? Are you still happy? If the answer is positive, you are on the right way and just have to bring your ideas into life.

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