Impact of the pandemic on tourism and education

The project HOSTVET– “IMPROVEMENT OF THE MANAGEMENT OF LOCAL HOSTING VET ORGANISATIONS IN TOURISTIC SECTOR” is a project that focuses on the tourism sector, a field that will face great challenges in the upcoming period. The partnership has created a blog “NEWS FROM EUROPE” where they share information about the activities of the project. Some partners published information concerning the education and how this sector will be affected, other focused on tourism and provided an interview with a hotel manager who shared his experience during this unprecedented situation. You can find some abstracts from the articles published on the blog below.

“Since February 2020, activities in Italy in the #covid19 case have been at a standstill in every sector, the European projects that provide for mobility have been suspended both those aimed at students, with a specific decree of the Italian government until the whole school year 2019-2020 and we do not know if they will restart in September, and the ordinary ones because flights are suspended throughout Europe unless there are urgent reasons why an authorization must be compiled, granted only in situations of extreme urgency that is not the case for ERASMUS+ projects.”

Abstract from TIA Formazione-Italy

“In the world hotel, it is important to consider how things in bars and restaurants will change. In fact, it will be necessary to guarantee the social safety distance, the presence of all utensils, pliers and anything else to avoid direct contact between hands and food. For table service it is recommended to have a maximum of 4 people per 10 square meters. The tables should be positioned so that the distance between the back of one chair and the back of another chair is greater than one meter and that guests who are facing each other are separated by a distance of at least one meter.”

Abstract from MAD for Europe-Spain

“It is known that Portugal has a very traditional education, conservative and even resistant to change with regard to the use of new pedagogical models and more attractive tools. In a few days, the entire educational community had to adapt to new circumstances and what has always seemed difficult to implement in years, under the circumstances, we assisted in a few days an authentic pedagogical revolution – the use of teaching platforms such as Moodle, Zoom, Teams, Skype has become vital; it was necessary to develop new and adapted education/training action plans, often without much guidance from the competent entities.”

Abstract from Proandi-Portugal

“The Corona virus panic has already reached the Hospitality and Travel sector and hotels. What we already call down season, 80 percent off all Belgium Hotels closed their doors. Business never ever see anything like this.

Just keeping hoop and as soon as possible our business back, and also to motivate ourselves and our family.”

Abstract from Belerasm-Belgium

“The government examines excessively the current circumstances and try to develop a plan to limit the consequences in the tourism sector and in economy in general. One part of the plan they are building has to do with the so-called “health passports” that would give authorities a way to be aware of the health status of visitors entering the country by air, by boat or by car, as the Minister of Health referred to speaking on Greek TV.”

Abstract from IED-Greece

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