Internet of Energy Offers Solutions

Over the past decade, we have seen a massive change in the way the world works in general. Technology has exceeded our expectations with revolutions shaping the 21st century. We could fairly easy to claim that the biggest technological evolution is the Internet which has enabled businesses worldwide to expand their activities and shape the worldwide market as we know it.

Internet changes the world as we know it

Of course, the Internet has not only changed the world of business. It has changed the way we live in so many different ways. Nowadays, it is easier to control our entire house using the Internet. So many smart appliances connected to our smartphones. A technology that we never imagined we would have.

It is fairly reasonable to assume that, the Internet has created a lot of different branches, depending on the use. Nowadays, a lot of people are using the Internet as a way to become more environmentally friendly and save energy. Thus, the term Internet of energy was born. And the Internet of energy has indeed brought solutions to many problems across the world.

The impact of the Internet of energy

One of the most important changes the Internet of energy has brought over the past decade is the solution to the soaring global demand for clean energy. With the use of the Internet of energy, we can now see a shift happening. The tremendous technical challenges required to manage a new and climate-neutral energy system are now a possibility.

The change in the energy system that is now growing more and more complex is changing the centralized grids that appear to no longer be adequate. On the contrary, we are moving onto a new system that can stabilize the power network thus ensuring a much more reliable supply. Through smarter grids created from the Internet of energy we now see a change in the way, we consume energy, the way we use our systems and the way we view the environment in general.

Controlling mass data

Apart from the energy sector, the Internet of energy has helped us to deal with massive problems when it comes to data. Nowadays, the Internet is filled with massive amounts of data that need to be sorted out and processed aiming to provide a specific result. Since 2003 more than 500 million devices have been connected to the Internet daily. That number is growing quickly that is, shifting the pace of massive data being consumed and stored.

According to studies, the connected devices will exceed 29 billion in 2022. We are talking about more than 17 billion devices connected in 2017. This is a major challenge when it comes to dealing with all those massive data. It is required for systems to be improved and, through the Internet of energy we see a massive improvement. Nowadays devices are smarter, they can process data easier and faster and discard needless data, only keeping the important parts.

As you can understand this has a great impact on multinational industries, the science and technology sector and of course, daily life. All of that was possible due to the Internet of energy, this new type of Internet use that is making our lives easier.

A futuristic approach

Last but not least, we see a massive change in artificial intelligence and quantum computing in the field of energy. With the use of the Internet of energy, it is now a lot easier to implement the groundbreaking technology of quantum computing that the technology sector has already been exploring. Through that, artificial intelligence in the form of machine algorithms is now possible.

These algorithms can help increase production and make processes more efficient in multiple different sectors such as the energy sector. These algorithms can analyze data, environmental conditions, and any key components to create the best possible process of processing energy and using it.

More to see

We have seen a massive change in the world since the Internet. We are still in the very beginning and there are many things that we are going to see again in the future. As history has shown us participating in a network is only increasing all the possibilities and opportunities we have as individuals. At the same time, these enhancing and upgrading the network leading the entire system to the next level.

Currently, the next level is the Internet of energy. A process that can make massive improvements in multiple different sectors, including the energy sector. There is still so much to see and expect from the Internet of energy. However, we know that it is going to be able to solve more problems and provide more solutions for processes in the future. What could be next after the intent of energy? The question remains to be answered.

The European Union always supports these kinds of actions. Through projects like the Internet of Energy-Education and Qualification people can easily learn how to qualify as professionals and be able to support the digital transformation of the European companies exploiting the advantage offered by the Internet of energy technology. If you want to learn more about this innovative project feel free to visit the project’s official website, participate in the educational webinars and keep an eye out for the valuable outputs and deliverables that the project has to offer.

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