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Join the international network of the “WBL – The entrance to professional future” project

work based learning

Our project WBL – The entrance to professional future aims at creating a youth-centered empowering environment for enabling young people to undergo WBL mobility and promotes a holistic approach for fostering youth employability by bridging non-formal, formal education and labour market sectors, contributing to the creation of long term multi-level cross-sectorial networking and cooperation. 

The project’s main objectives are:  

  • To build up competences of youth workers to become leaders of WBL empowering environment and to create strategies that promote WBL mobility as a complementary educational path to boost the employability of young people; 
  • To foster cooperation exchange of knowledge and capacity development in the field of work-based mobility between the partner countries; 
  • To create and reinforce synergies between formal and non-formal educational sectors as well as the labour market to set up a favouring environment for cross-sectorial cooperation in view of enhancing youth employability; 
  • To provide youth organizations with guidance and tools for bridging sectors given the creation of empowering setting for work-based learning; 

To achieve the goals mentioned above, the partnership has developed an international collaborative network, where organizations from all over Europe can register and seek partnerships. The project’s International Collaborative Network is a tool that allows different European organizations to register and also look for potential collaborations in various EU-funded projects. This tool offers several filters, to choose, for example, the type organization you are looking for (VET organization, educational institution, research organization, NGO, etc.), the country that the organization originates from, the type of funding program you are interested in (Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, AMIF, REC, etc.).

That way, the procedure of finding the right partner is much easier. Furthermore, the network contains all necessary information on the registered organizations (name, country, type, website, email, short description), so you will be able to contact them immediately. To sum up, the whole purpose of the International Collaborative Network is to connect entities ready to strengthen the implementation of international mobility schemes and to offer more support for such opportunities for young people. 

Feel free to register your organization by clicking here: 

You can find the already registered organization and contact them, by clicking here: 

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