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IT Launch Box – Mentorship Platform

These days is very challenging to find good mentors who can guide you through the carrier. For this purpose, special Mentorship platform was developed in the frames of the “IT Launch Box” project. It will offer young people support in further development of their carrier, as well as their business ideas in the IT sector.

Seeing the need of youth and the problems to approach experienced people in business to ask for mentorship, this platform will offer rare opportunity for youth to connect with business leaders and to learn from the best, online at their own pace.

The Mentorship Platform will encourage and motivate the youth to pursue their chosen career assisted by senior mentors from IT sector. The platform will build bridges linking youth with ongoing access to professional mentors who help fast-track their potential.

And guess what? It is completely free! Soon we will announce how and where to enroll.

Meanwhile you can read our Guidelines for Mentors and Guideline for Mentees.

The main goal of the of the project will be to create IT young entrepreneurs and equip young people with employability IT skills and knowledge (software development), thus contributing to entrepreneurship development and creating new job places. This will be reached through set of practical solutions: capacity building of partner organizations, design of open innovative accelerated educational program for IT and entrepreneurship skills and mentorship.

The platform will be able to make a difference for every business. Start using the IT Launch Box  mentorship platform today. Take some time to learn how to operate it and we can guarantee that you will be able to enhance your skills and competencies in no time! You are going to want nothing but the best of the best for your business and the mentorship platform can really be what you are looking for.

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