Machinery revamping. A new technique in the industrial world

Recycling and reusing old products is something most people are becoming more sensitive about. We all want to recycle our old milk bottles perhaps even our old smartphones just to make sure that we will use them longer. However, the concept of recycling appears in more fields than you may have thought.

New type of recycling

In the field of industrial engineering and technology, as we speak about recycling we think about revamping. Revamping is a technique that is giving industrial machinery a new and improved life. If you take some time to think about it you will realize that revamping is recycling old industrial machines. However, there are a few differences between regular recycling and revamping.

In particular, due to the high level of digitalisation and technology in all industrial processes nowadays, more and more innovative new machinery appears in the market. As a result, all the machines are no longer needed. However, to revamp them and reuse them in this new industrial world, the same amount of digitalisation and technology is needed. The question engineers can’t answer today is simple. At what point is it worth retiring the machine or updating it?

Revamping old machines

With the use of revamping old machines have the opportunity to become new working machines again. Through a significant type of modification with the use of technology in digitalisation, scientists and engineers can bring old machines back to life. Machines that could be more than 20 or even 30 years old are now being reused once again.

In most cases, this is happening with the help of Arduino, an open-source electronics platform capable of performing the most delicate procedures on hardware and software to reprogram it and bring it back to life. This innovative technology is what makes this entire concert possible and why more and more scientists and engineers are getting into it.

Revolutionizing the industrial world

Revamping machinery is going to revolutionise the industrial world. At the same time, it is going to have a very positive impact on the environment. Recycling machinery will decrease the need to create new ones. As a result, energy sources and natural resources will not be put to massive use for the production of new machinery which can only have a positive result.

In line with this most advanced process, the European Commission is aiming to enhance the spirit of machinery revamping with the help of Arduino through the implementation of European projects. One such European project is the Refitting Machine project. Using Arduino, 3D printers, digital manufacturing, and 4.0 industry the project aims to provide highly skilled digital skills and encourage entry or return to the world of work. While the labour market is constantly evolving the skills and qualifications required to change over time. The face this change, people need to be equipped with different sorts of skills.

Refitting Machine

Through this European project, partners have identified a specific field of intervention. The recovery of obsolete machinery through Arduino. You can find more information about the project’s innovative training material by paying a visit to the project’s official website.

The partners that came together for the implementation of this project are experts in their respective fields. Through hard work and extensive research, they will be able to bring you the results you might be looking for. The completed training programme and a process that will help you acquire all the needed skills to modernise old machinery and help them re-enter the labour market.

The world is changing. Technology is evolving rapidly. There is room for recycling and when it comes to old machinery, revamping as it is called appears to be more important than ever. Learn more about it today and you can become the engineer to revamp old machines and give them a new place in the world industrial labour market.

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