Main pastures in the Thessaly region

When it comes to the world of business, local markets are always the ones suffering the most. Big companies are usually the ones selling the products which can actually cause a great gap in the local markets, thus leading to insufficient funds and the ability to maintain a business.

The IFCHEESE project is focusing on combating this problem, in the local dairy market. The project promotes the production and distribution of local dairy products focusing of course on cheese. It is important to remember that the local market always needs help to increase the current profit.

The project has been running since September of 2017 and the outcomes of the project seem to be very promising for the local business owners. The project is able to provide local producers as well as interested stakeholders with the ability to learn a few things about the production of local cheeses, the right places to look for the best quality and of course, potential collaborators.

Pastures are always a great place to start looking whether you want to learn more about cheese production or to start a collaboration. The main pastures of the Thessaly Region are:

  1. Mountain Pelion which is situated between the Aegean Sea, to the northeast, and the Pegasitic Gulf, to the southwest, in Magnesia. The geographical coordinates of the certain region are 23, 0753 longitude and 39, 4456 latitudes, according to the European list of sites of Community importance for the Mediterranean biogeographical region, and it includes 31477.9600 hectares of land.
  2. Mountain Olympus which a Special Area of Conservation and a Special Protection Area for Birds. It is included in the Natura 2000 Network under the code GR1250001 with the name “Mount Olympus. According to the programme “Surveillance and evaluation of the conservation status of habitat types of European community interest in the area of jurisdiction of Olympus National Park Management Agency“, about 19 habitat types were recorded under the European Directive 92/43/EEC. Among these 19 habitats, four of them are characterized as high priority areas with the codes 9530, 6230, 9180, 9580, along with the alpine zone, since the majority of endemic species of Olympus are found there (Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, 2014).

For more information regarding the IFCHEESE project, you can visit the projects official website. This is an interesting and innovative project with an immediate result for the participants. It can be a project that will give you the right information and help you start or expand your cheese production business!

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Julia Bachousi
Senior Project Manager

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