Meet the GrowINg Evaluation Committee

iED introduces the GrowINg evaluation committee, which was formed in the framework of the European project “GrowINg: SME’s Growth and Innovation through Learning at the Workplace”. It functions as an internal decision-making structure, that aims at ensuring the project’s quality assurance, through consistent supervision on the progress, the quality of the activities, events, and results.

Brief Introduction of GrowINg

This Erasmus+ project aims at fostering adult learning in the workplace frame, along with the employees’ entrepreneurial skills. The project’s plan contains designing and applying pertinent strategies, which can be incorporated in the SMEs’ policy, regarding their workforce. The GrowINg strategic partnership consists of six organizations, coming from: Portugal, Cyprus, Italy and Greece.

For more information about GrowINg, you can visit the project’s official webpage.

The Role of GrowINg Evaluation Committee

The committee’s formation consists of one representative per partner, not necessarily participating in the management of the project, in order to achieve an objective and detached perspective of the process. The committee is assigned with the following responsibilities:

  • Review of the quality plan tools.
  • Arrange meetings, where they will analyze the project’s implementation, achievements, and results.
  • Organize online meetings to meet the project’s timetable and needs.
  • Contribute to key points of the project.
  • Review and provide feedback for the improvement of the interim and final reports.
  • Monitoring the project progress and its indicators.
  • Supervise the risk assessment table; hence, analyzing potential risks, their occurrence, and the effectiveness of the contingency measures.
  • Ensure an orderly project process, in case of a problem occurrence.

The First Meeting’s Agenda

The content of the GrowINg evaluation committee’s meeting revolved around the quality evaluation of the following:

  • Survey and analysis of the data that emerged from the research on the SMEs policy and practices in career guidance and learning at the workplace (WP1).
  • Definition and description of the methodology for the promotion of adult learning at the
  • Workplace (WP2).
  • Dissemination, mainstreaming, and deployment plan (WP5).
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and quality assurance (WP6).

Through the dialogue, they elaborated extensively the project deliverables, in order to proceed to quality improvements.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development considers GrowINg a promising project. In addition, our Institute participates in several European projects of pertinent content. If you would like to contribute with your input to this subject, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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Christina Tziouvara
Project Communication Manager

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