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Outdoor Activities Handbook: Deploying the Benefits of Nature

Outdoor Activities Handbook: Deploying the Benefits of Nature

The advantages of physical activities are known and, especially, the ones taking place in natural settings. Furthermore, the arrival of the pandemic stressed their importance even more.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) is pleased to announce the delivery of Outdoor Activities handbook. In essence, this guide is part of “Outdoor activities for social connectedness, cohesion and well-being of youth”, a European project aiming to explore ways of deploying outdoor settings to the fullest.

The Content of Outdoor Activities Handbook

Outdoor Activities is an Erasmus+ project that focuses on combining outdoor environments and games; with the aim to provide pertinent tools to support educators’ and learners’ experience.

The project’s consortium delivered a handbook with gathered materials, information and instructions, oriented towards amplifying the outdoor experience for young people. Specifically, this output is a collection developed from:

  • Experiences and ideas from team activities in nature.
  • Storytelling and drama method; and, feedback deriving from them.
  • Set of instructions developed from educational seminars, during project activities.
  • Study results and suggestions from health and educational authorities, both national and international level.

Furthermore, the handbook encompasses 30 chapters of activities, games and simulations that can occur in natural settings, including traditional movement games.

You can read more about the Outdoor Activities handbook and download it, here.

The Project Objective

Outdoor Activities’ design aims to deploy the benefits of activities that take place in natural environments, both on individual and collective level. In particular, the project’s vision is to strengthen people’s health; and, contribute to social cohesion and connectedness in the long term.

Visit the official website and discover more about the Outdoor Activities project.

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