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Overcoming your weaknesses in the workplace

Every employee has good days and bad days. Everyone’s performance can drop every now and then. Things always get back to normal. But when it comes to a weakness on the job, things get a bit more complicated.

All people have weaknesses. No one can achieve the best without making a few mistakes. In most cases, people do not even realize they have a weakness until it is too late. And in some cases, people know that they have a weakness but they will not share it with their team. Either because they are afraid that it will be bad for their job, or because they are ashamed.

Teamwork is important. Team members need to work with each other, support each other and help each other when needed. Having a weakness and not talking about it is worse than asking for help. Your colleagues/team members will be there for you. They will help you overcome your weaknesses.

Being able to trust your colleagues with these matters is important. If not all of them, then at least one. If you have never spoken about your weakness before or ever asked for help, here are some simple steps you can take in order to do it:

  • Try to locate your weakness. You need to know exactly what is holding you back. Locating the problem and admitting it will get you two steps closer to the solution.
  • Ask for feedback. You know what your weakness is. You should know how your colleagues see things. Asking for feedback on a specific aspect of your work will give you information you might not have thought about. And the opportunity to talk about the problem.
  • Talk about the problem. The important thing here is to overcome your weakness. Fixing the problem needs to be a priority for you. After all, when an employee has a problem, the company has a problem. Your colleagues will want to help you. A weakness can hold the entire team back and no one wants that.
  • Talk to the people you trust, first. A team could be just 2 people, it could be 10. Talk to that one colleague you know will try to help you. A person that you like and likes you back. Communication is the key here.
  • Work hard to overcome your weakness. Yes, you will receive help from your colleagues. They will do their best, but it is your responsibility to fix the problem, not theirs. You have to work hard. Search for solutions that will work for you. Try every possible way. Sonner or later, the problem will be fixed.

By following these five simple steps, you will be able to overcome any weakness you might have. It is important to remember that in the workplace, your team depends on you and you depend on your team. Your weakness can hold the team back and your reluctance to talk about it will not help solve the problem. Trust your colleagues, trust yourself and take this opportunity to become better at what you do!

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