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Pop-Up shop supporting tools: CPD materials and Game


Another one of IED successful project is completed. The PUSH project, a project aiming at informing people about pop-up shops and how they can help their business flourish, was a great opportunity for the participants to learn how to read their local market and adjust accordingly.

A lot of exciting things happened during the project implementation but one could say that the two project outcomes were definitely the highlight. Here is some information about the outcomes.

O1: CPD materials for Pop-up shop entrepreneurs

This course will guide you through all the steps you need to know in order to be in the right way direction on starting your own Pop-up shop. There are 5 sections which all go through in detail everything you need to know.

  • Section 1: Introduction to a Pop-up shop

A definition of Pop-ups, the benefits & challenges, the importance of Location and a Pop-up checklist.

  • Section 2: Planning and organization

How to be more organized, Gantt chart, pricing strategy and how to develop a business plan.

  • Section 3: Management & Marketing

Digital marketing, how to design your shop layout, customer service & networking tips.

  • Section 4: Evaluation

Project management, problem-solving, how to measure impact and how to write an evaluation plan.

 Time management, motivation, leadership, and negotiations

Find the CPD materials for free here!

(You just need to register and you can have full access to the learning materials)

O2: Pop-Up shop Game

The game-based learning platform is a GAME on Pop-up shops.

The game gives the players the option to register themselves at the platform and create their personal profile.

The player can test his/her Pop_UP idea in a POP-UP GAME concept.

There are four places available where the player can open a pop-up shop:

1 – Old train station

2 – Abandonded factory

3 – Market hall

4 – Shopping mall

Each place has specific and different characteristics.

Find the Game for free here!

(You just need to register and you can have a full access to the game concept)

Both CPD materials and Game are hosted in the project website, where you can also find them available in languages: Greek, Polish, Lithuanian and Spanish.

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