Presentation of SEYW Project Results

iED presents the SEYW project results, as the initiative of “SEYW: The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work” concluded last month. It was a synergy between 6 organizations, coming from Italy; Estonia; Bulgaria; Greece; France; and, Luxemburg.

SEYW: Bridging Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Work

The idea behind SEYW was to educate youth workers on the concept, methods, and values of social entrepreneurship that are appropriate for the youth sector. Furthermore, the provision of real-life examples of young social entrepreneurs in action to youth workers. The initiative focused mainly on youth workers, with the ultimate goal to stimulate all youth, especially those with fewer opportunities.

The project design encompassed the following objectives:

  • Firstly, to provide youth workers with the opportunity to gain appropriate knowledge about social entrepreneurship.
  • Secondly, to compare different aspects of the meaning of social entrepreneurship in Europe, by taking into account the various legislations in place.
  • Finally, the third objective was to disseminate good practices in social entrepreneurship methodologies that can be used as models and replicated.

Browse the official webpage, for more information on the SEYW initiative.

An Overview of SEYW Project Results

Throughout the course of SEYW, 4 transnational project meetings took place in Cagliari, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria; Larissa, Greece; and, Tallin, Estonia. In addition, 8 trainings occurred; in particular:

  • Two trainings in Cagliari, Italy.
  • Two trainings in Luxembourg.
  • A training in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • A training in Bordeaux, France.
  • A training in Tallin, Estonia.
  • And, a training in Larissa, Greece.

The initiative fulfilled with the delivery of the following outcomes:

  • An official website of the initiative.
  • A collection of best practices in social entrepreneurship per country.
  • An inspirational paper/toolkit for social entrepreneurship.
  • Finally, the materialization of many dissemination events per country.

It was a pleasure participating in the SEYW synergy; and, the iED team considers the SEYW project results satisfying. In fact, our Institute is optimistic about the contribution of the SEYW outcomes.

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