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PROBM2 IO3: Completion of a Solid Business Models Training

PROBM2 IO3: Completion of a Solid Business Models Training

iED announces the creation of a business models training programme, designed for adult business educators. This programme is the third intellectual output materialized, in the framework of the European project “ProBM 2: Understanding and Developing Business Models in the Globalisation Era”.

Describing the PROBM2 Context

PROBM2 is an Erasmus+ project that is founded on a common mistake entrepreneurs-to-be usually make; and, that is underestimating the significance of business models knowledge at their entrepreneurial activity. The project functions in a supplementary manner, to “ProBM: Understanding and Developing Business Models” project, where a collection of business models was created. The overall goal, extended by PROBM2 project, is the provision of business models training material at the service of educators, which will lead to the reinforcement of future or existent entrepreneurs. For more information, regarding the project, you can visit the project’s official webpage.

Presenting IO3: Business Models Training Material

The current project status is the completion of the third intellectual output; hence, we refer to a training course, especially designed, to meet entrepreneurs’ needs, by providing the necessary means to educators, whose activity revolves around entrepreneurship education. Hence, the project’s strategic partnership developed a solid training material, to fulfill the set goal. The programme consists of the following modules:

  • Key partnerships
  • Main activities
  • Key Resources
  • Cost structure
  • Customer segments
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels
  • Value proposition
  • Revenue Streams

Moreover, the Swiss project partner has developed an additional module on “Citizenship and Professional Values”.

iED strongly believes in the project’s future impact, as it sets the complete theoretical context that can be applied to future or existent businesses. However, if you would like to contribute to our effort, do not hesitate to contact us. Any type of input is valuable to our work.

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