Professional orientation in the workplace

Professional orientation is one of the most important activities, applied in the workplace. Professional orientation can help individuals make decision regarding their business education, their training, and their future occupation. It is also a great way to help people by giving them the opportunity to manage their own careers and choices.

During professional orientation, the employees should be given all the information regarding the labor market as well as every educational and career opportunity available to them. Through that, they will understand their very own personal interests, recognize their skills and competencies as well as characteristics, figure out what their aspirations are and what they are qualified for.

After professional orientation, the employees of a company can link all of the above together, find their desirable work opportunities and choose the correct career path for them. It is crucial for every company to provide its employees with activities on professional orientation. This can benefit the company as well as the employees.

For example, internship is quite common for many companies out there. It is important for companies to provide their interns with professional orientation classes. That way, they will give them the opportunity to see that they can evolve and become the best at what they do. Working as an intern you will learn how to develop your career, through professional orientation. This can be a remarkable opportunity

Organizing professional orientation classes in the workplace, has certain requirements. Certain steps that need to be followed. And these steps are:

  • Choose the right teacher/motivator for the job

Professional orientation is something that only an expert ‘’tutor’’ will be able to do. The company needs to find the best for the job. As the owner of a company you need to make sure that the professional orientation ‘’teacher’’, will be a real motivator. Someone who will help your employees understand that they can succeed, as a part of the company.

  1. Choose the right sectors to focus on

Your company has different sectors. And the employees of every sector could use some professional orientation classes. However, some sectors might require more attention. Create a timeline for the classes. Start with the employees of the sectors you consider to be the most important for the company. Then move on to the others. Take things one step at a time.

  1. Choose the right time

Many employers make the mistake of launching professional orientation courses, at any given time. You need to make sure that you will choose the time that will be most ‘’profitable’’ for the employees as well as the company. For example, try to find a time when all of your employees or at least most of them will be around the office. Also, try to choose a date when you will not have strict project deadline coming up.

These three simple steps can guarantee successful, professional orientation courses in the workplace. Choose the right person for the job, choose the right sectors and choose the right time. Your interns and your employees will learn a lot from this experience and choose the right career path for themselves.

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