ASE Partnership Online Meeting 24th March 2021

The ASE partnership met online on the 24th of March of 2021 to discuss the progress of Intellectual Output 2: OER Content Development. Each partner, after extended research, developed a specific thematic according to their expertise, experience and knowledge to provide a high-quality deliverable, as they did on the development of IO1. The decision taken at that meeting was the need for an internal evaluation of the quality and content of each material. For that reason, a rotation system was implemented where each partner would provide feedback and comments on the produced material of the other partner. This decision aimed at the collaboration of all partners to achieve the intellectual output and their active participation. After all, all project’s activities are a result of a collaborative effort.

The second part of the meeting was mostly focused on presenting the project’s platform by iED, forming Intellectual Output 3: OER, designed according to the project’s application and the feedback received from all partners in all development stages. After the finalization of IO2, all deliverables would be found in the platform, whereas the user would have to register to access all the uploaded materials.

The platform contains information on the project’s objectives and activities implemented outcomes of Intellectual outputs and additional useful resources.

To strengthen the bond between partners, all members filled an evaluation questionnaire concerning the cooperation of the team and the project’s overall feeling and progress.

The productive discussion that followed managed to evaluate the project’s dynamic, improve relations and resolve any difficult situation. The foundation was set for even better collaboration in the project’s upcoming steps.

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