Learn How to Manage Your Career Through the Career Skills MOOC

Learning how to manage your career is important as it allows you to plan your professional course according to your will.  And what is a better way to learn those important career management skills than learning from a MOOC like the one that Career Skills European project currently develops?

At this point, probably some of you may be wondering, “What is a MOOC?”. And what is so special about it?

This article will inform you about MOOCs and introduce you to the Career Skills MOOC, where you can learn important skills to manage your career.

A Massive Open Online Course and its Advantages

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course aimed at teaching any subject. For example, “how to manage your career” via video lessons, readings, assessments, and discussion forums. In short, a MOOC is online, anyone can have access to it, and it has no enrollment fees.

Essentially, MOOCs grew in popularity around 10 years ago with the rise of distance learning. Another contributing factor to their popularity was that many top universities also got involved in creating MOOCs, which gave momentum to this novel learning movement.

A MOOC’s advantages have to do with the flexibility, low participation cost, and higher engagement and interactivity that it offers. The flexibility of MOOCs permit learners to learn at their own pace without strict deadlines. Additionally, the low or no participation cost allows everyone to access that knowledge and with the most efficient ways to transfer it.

The Career Skills MOOC

This MOOC that is currently under development and is set to launch soon will teach you how to manage your career best. It includes 12 modules on the identified career management skills by the Career Skills project and a trainer handbook.

The total duration of the MOOC will be 75 hours of learning that can easily be used as an elective course in a university bringing ECTS credits.

This MOOC will be freely accessible to everyone, but with a special focus on young people, students, and the unemployed, upon registration on the project platform. Furthermore, the MOOC will also be translated and made available in all 6 partners’ languages.

After registering, you will have the opportunity to explore the Career Skills Catalogue. In there, you can find the essential career competencies to succeed professionally, and assess your CMS (career management skills) that are crucial to learning how to manage your career. This important assessment will reveal areas that need further improvement and point you towards the specific module that you need to study to boost your skills.

What Should Learners Expect?

Each module will consist of 4 weekly video lessons that will complement with presentations, mind maps, practical cases, examples, and additional information resources. Particularly, because learners are expected to have various backgrounds, the video lessons will have images, diagrams, and they will be recorded with voice over in PowerPoint format.

Additionally, learners will take advantage of shared expert tips from employers, entrepreneurs, career guidance professionals and others. This first-hand advice will improve the quality of the MOOC, and learners will receive valuable advice about their careers from professionals.

Finally, learners will be required to complete several predefined tasks to upgrade their career competencies and better manage their careers. These tasks will include various learning activities, readings, additional educational videos, practical exercises, self-reflection, research or presentation tasks, tips and motivational quotes, performing diverse challenges and exploiting various game-based tools related to specific skills. The MOOC will promote interactivity, encouraging participants to share their experiences, ideas, questions for discussion and inspiration.


The development of this open online course is one of the most important steps to be taken for the Career Skills partnership. The MOOC will grant easy and unlimited access to everyone interested in learning how to manage their careers. Furthermore, it will consolidate all the results of this project and the advice provided by career professionals. Above all, this MOOC will be a lasting resource for young people and the unemployed to consult whenever they need career guidance.

To learn more about Career Skills European project, visit the official website.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager

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