The Contribution of Entrepreneurial Learning and Mentoring

Entrepreneurial learning and mentoring are important components that can impart the idea of entrepreneurship. However, the concept of entrepreneurship is wide and vague, and it is not solely about managing one’s company.

Entrepreneurial Learning and Mentoring: Specifying The Overall Goal

Entrepreneurial learning is a continuous process of acquiring knowledge, through experience that is pertinent to the aspects of entrepreneurship. As it is aforementioned, learning is continuous as the entrepreneurial landscape is rapidly changing; hence, keeping one’s knowledge up to date is crucial.

However, entrepreneurship is a concept with broad context. It is about observing the flow of the entrepreneurial world; spotting opportunities; and, deploying them into an entrepreneurial activity. On the other hand, a business mentor is an expert, with extensive hands-on knowledge, willing to share. Both entrepreneurial learning and mentoring foster the same goal, and that is forming solid foundation for the mentees to develop entrepreneurial mentality.

An entrepreneurial mindset exceeds definitions and theories; in fact, it gets integrated to one’s thinking processes and entrepreneurial behavior. Here are some features that constitute a business-oriented mindset:

  • People with pertinent mentality are driven, self-sufficient, and committed to the set goal.
  • They are optimistic, yet realistic, in their way of dealing with problematic situations that can lead to an effective problem-solving behavior.
  • They never cease to their broaden critical thinking skills, creativity, exploring options, and other personal traits that are conducive to their business mindset. Afterall, entrepreneurial learning is an ongoing pursuit.
  • These people are characterized by insightfulness and understand the significance of contribution beyond themselves.
  • Being decisive and taking risks.
  • They are reliable.
  • Being a resilient leader is important. Mistakes are inevitable to be avoided; however, reframing them is vital for the future course of the business.

Cultivating feature corresponding to entrepreneurial mentality can be a significant skillset for one’s successful professional course. In addition, adopting such a mindset can have a bidirectional effect; in fact, the positive impact can expand to other aspects of society.

DIG IN is an initiative aiming at fostering youth entrepreneurship, focusing on NEETs. Aside from increasing the chances of employability, an additional long-term project goal is enhancing their participation in the society through their contribution to the labor market.

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