Events Organized by the Partnership to Spread Entrepreneurial Spirit

European Social Entrepreneur Project-ESE has as objective to spread entrepreneurial spirit to young people, assisting in skills acquisition and promoting employability. The partnership, which consists of CO-LABORY, from Italy, the applicant organization committed to encouraging a new entrepreneurial culture, ACTA Center, from Romania that forwards educational activities, professional and social skills development, CAI from Portugal, that focuses on the areas of prevention treatment social inclusion, training, and cultural events, CCIF Cyprus, from Cyprus specialized in providing support for the social inclusion of all citizens especially youth including those with fewer opportunities, MITRA FRANCE, from France, that aims to foster intercultural understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity through non-formal education and IED, from Greece, a research organization, focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship for everyone.

All partners are responsible for expanding their network and raising awareness to the greatest scale possible. To achieve this, they have organized territorial events to spread the message and inform the interested parties on the project’s deliverables and objectives. After the KOM in Trani, Italy, between November and December 2019, most partners realized local events presenting ESE project and explaining the concept and benefits of social entrepreneurship. The feedback received from these events was positive, and many people shared their interest in being involved in future activities. Due to the COVID-19 situation, most activities had to pause, and the realization of events with physical presence was impossible. Still, as the situation is improving, new activities will be organized, continuing to disseminate the project. You could see below some pictures from the territorial events realized by the partnership.

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Vasilis Bouronikos
Content & Communication Manager

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