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The Zero Coercion project, after two years of activities, is about to complete its life cycle. The last activity implemented by the consortium of the project was the multiplier events in each country to disseminate the results of the project, raise awareness on the sensitive topic of mental health and invite stakeholders to get involved with the project’s outcomes, especially the training program and the accompanying materials that were produced for the avoidance of the use of coercion in groups with functional diversity and mental health problems.

The general feedback of all partners, that was communicated through the final online meeting, was that most attendees found, the activities produced throughout the project, have an actual impact, and provide great assistance to those suffering from mental health issues, but also for their environment that dealt with great difficulty until now on how to approach and help these matters.

The multiplier events were implemented in Spain, Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia and in many cases, people suffering from schizophrenia were given the floor, in these events, to discuss the challenges they are facing in their everyday life. This opportunity was very useful for a better understanding of the actual problems and what is required to be done in order to change the situation for the well-being of people suffering from mental health issues.

All partners confirmed that these events were rather helpful and managed to inform, educate and sensitize interested parties that requested to be involved in future actions of the project.

Feel free to check all produced materials through our project’s website.

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