REFLECT Project: Enhancing the Learning Experience

REFLECT project challenges the conventional learning procedure. Imagine a learning experience, where learners would receive knowledge, and delve into the latter. However, that requires critical and creative thinking.

Critical and Creative Thinking: The Goals of the Learning Procedure

Obviously, there are many different learning styles; however, the goal in any case is fostering critical and creative thinking. By creative thinking, we mean the cultivation of personalized approach to how a person conceives occurring events. These two qualities are key elements for a person’s academic course. And, to a greater extent key elements for ones life. However, do learners achieve these elements? And how can they acquire critical and creative thinking?

The implementation of individualized learning styles can help the learners achieve the goals of the learning process. Hence, self-reflection, on the learning materials, is an effective way. REFELECT project lies its design to the reflective learning.

REFLECT Project: Designing a Tool for Reflective Learning

Reflective learning is a theory, where the provided learning material is “processed” according to the social context; and, through one’s context of experience. Studies has shown, that reflective learning enhances the learning experience; as, it reinforces the learners’ performance; and, fosters critical and creative thinking.

REFLECT project belongs to the Erasmus+ programmes; and, is dedicated to raise awareness, regarding this type of learning style. In addition, the project has noticed the need for the design and validation of training tools to foster self-reflection. And, is planning to develop pertinent learning material, in order to contribute to the educational framework.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) supports fostering critical and creative thinking; as, it acknowledges the significance of these elements to one’s life course. If you are interested in contributing to our goal, in any way; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are open to new, innovative ideas.

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Christina Tziouvara
Project Communication Manager

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