Rules of successful presentation

There are many people for whom any presentation is a nightmare. The good presentation consists of the list of details which can define its success. Your presentation skills can influence the success of the project or the decision on your ideas. To be at your best, we will share with you some tips and tricks of successful presentations.

  1. Eye contact. Maintain the eye contact with the audience. It will help to keep the people involved into what you are presenting. You will be in constant contact with the audience and it will be easier to get their approval of your ideas.
  2. Don’t overload the slides. Don’t write too much on the slides. There should be only the main points of your report. The task of the slides is to complement your presentation and not to substitute it.
  3. Avoid complicated terminology. Your presentation and explanation should be as simple as possible. It will help to increase the level of its understanding. Usually, it is difficult to percept specific terminology, especially if the topic is new for you or if you are not aware of these terms.
  4. Mind your body. Your body talks. Be careful with your gestures and mimics as they can give you away. The audience will notice everything: unconfident intonation, trembling hands, jerking eyes, etc. Don’t cross your legs, your gestures have to be wide, demonstrate open palms, don’t keep your arms behind the back.
  5. Dress-code. Pay attention to the clothes you wear as the audience will judge you on appearance. Your clothes should correspond to the audience’s expectations.
  6. Ignite the audience. Only the person who is 100% sure of what he or she talks, who believes in the product or idea presented and who is inspired but it will be able to ignite the audience and make they buy in. If you don’t believe in what you are telling it will be felt and the audience will not support you.
  7. Constant development. It is advisable to record your presentations and analyze them afterwards. When you take a detached view of yourself, you will notice the drawbacks in your manner of speaking or behavior. You will definitely see the areas for improvement. It is also nice to ask for the feedback. Your colleague may provide you the ideas for improvement.
  8. Rehearsal. It is always important to come prepared to the presentations. You should speak out your text for yourself or for your colleague or friend, so you could feel more comfortable during the presentation itself.

Hope, this tips and trick will help you with your presentations and you will become a successful presenter.

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