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All enterprises, no matter their size, can benefit from workplace innovation. Workplace innovation improves the working lives of both employers and employees, as well as increases labor productivity. Companies need to invest not just in technical innovation but also in non-technological activities, to remain on the competitive edge.

The INNovaSouth project aims to improve the entrepreneurial culture of SMEs in Southern Europe and at the same time increase, the market resilience and the business competitiveness of these companies. The project provides local SMEs with an €8,000 voucher to be spent on workplace innovation services, goods, tools, and best practices. This helps local entrepreneurs to adopt these innovative solutions and practices for increasing employee productivity.

From 16th March to 3rd June 2020, Sicilian and Thessalian SMEs can request a voucher that encourages and motivates local entrepreneurs to effectively adapt these solutions addressed to employees and increase their productivity and the company’s competitiveness.

In addition to the Vouchers, partners will provide the winning SMEs access to the “WPI system” an online training programme where managers and employees, will improve their learning capabilities and diffusion of knowledge, which are important for keeping workers’ skills up-to-date.

SMEs can apply for Vouchers aimed at implementing activities and best practices that fall into the INNovaSouth Model, specifically defined in the Online Manual of Good Practices on Workplace Innovation, finding inspiration from prior examples implemented by other SMEs.

In particular, each organization should select one or more pillars of workplace innovations among the following four and according to their needs:

  1. Jobs and teams
  2. Organizational structures, management & procedures
  3. Employee driven improvement & innovation: creating opportunities for reflection and improvement
  4. Co-created leadership and horizontal structure: hearing the employee’s voice

Beneficiaries to be considered eligible must:

  • Be located in Italy (region of Sicily) or Greece (region of Thessaly)
  • Be micro and small enterprises operating in any sector for a minimum of two years

Within the Call for proposal potential can find all the selection criteria and information about the procedure to follow. The interested SMEs, if eligible, can apply directly online through this section of the website:

All the documents are available in English, Greek and Italian languages.

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Stella Ioannou
Innovation Office Director

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