Social Entrepreneurship for Immigrants

Social entrepreneurship is the future for the European Society. Young men and women living within the European borders know that any business nowadays needs to always involve the society. Otherwise, it might not be as successful as they might want it to be. Social entrepreneurship is the key to a successful company in Europe.

With the immigrant influx, Europe has to face yet another very big problem. Large numbers of people that are unemployed and appear to have no prospect whatsoever. Unless of course, we are talking about the possibility of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship has proven to be able to help with the integration of migrants for the past few years. Whether we are talking about Social Enterprises specifically created in order to help with migrant integration or migrants that can actually become social entrepreneurs.

Teaching migrants how they can become social entrepreneurs in Europe might not be the easiest thing. It is, however, a priority for the European Union. Therefore, through the implementation of various EU Projects, enough teaching material was collected, based on the priorities and the policies of the European Union regarding social entrepreneurship and the way the migrants can contribute to it.

The European companies need to be taught how they can shift towards social entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to the helping migrants. The same materials that were collected for the migrants were also collected in order to be able to help business owners learn how they can do this and at the same time help with migrant integration. For more information on how to become a social entrepreneur and at the same time work with the migrants, you can feel free to pay a visit to the IED’s website.

The SENTIM project, one of the many European projects being implemented every year, can certainly provide you with enough information on the field of social entrepreneurship in association with migrants. It is important to remember that, social entrepreneurship can help in many different ways. Migrant unemployment is just one of the problems that can be fixed with the use of social entrepreneurship. Who knows what else can be improved by using simple techniques that can both help the society and provide profit for SMEs and bigger companies.