Social Entrepreneurship for Youth Workers

The project ‘Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work – Developing employability and innovations amongst the youth people’ is a strategic partnership among the organizations Gozo Youth Council, Out of the Box International and Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.

The topic of the project is the promotion of entrepreneurship education in youth work.

The main outputs of the project are the following:

  • Mentorship Guideline for Mentoring Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Training kit on entrepreneurship for youth work organizations
  • Learning activity in Malta for Trainers over the above materials (Apply for training:

During the 2nd Meeting that was held in the city of Larissa in Greece, 16-17 of November 2017, representatives from each partner organization had the chance to review the draft version of the Mentorship Guide and they decided on the required modifications for the final version. Moreover, they set the basis for the development of the Training kit that will be used for the implementation of training activities over the topic of social entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned! The final training materials will be published in our website.

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