Speeding up Europe’s industrial modernization

Europe’s efforts towards a brighter future can be separated into many different categories. Industrial modernization can most certainly be considered one of the most important categories for the path towards a successful European future. Europe itself is making efforts in order to provide citizens with opportunities as well as options regarding the industrial field.

Investment as a key for industrial modernization

Now, for a successful industrial organization, we need important investment efforts. Public, as well as private stakeholders, need to cooperate, to work together in order to receive the best results possible from those investments. Assisting the European industry can be achieved through many different methods. Advanced manufacturing technologies can most certainly give a great push to the European industry.

Nowadays, speed is the key for any type of revolution. With the world changing on a daily basis, the industrial modernization of the European Union cannot fall behind. Utilizing smart manufacturing technologies and advanced ideas is an idea that is growing fast.

Modern ideas for modernized industries

Developing all of those ideas could be the first step to the modernization of the industry of the European Union. It is said that there is no such thing as innovation nowadays. It is said that everything that could have been done has already been done. This is where the European Union ‘’draws the line’’.

According to studies, there is still a lot of material that people can work on in order to come up with new and innovative ideas for technologies that can help speed up the process of the EU industrial modernization. And the European Union is utterly supportive towards those ideas.

The priority system of the European Union

The priorities are given by the European Union. When combined those priorities can create a very detailed ‘’map’’ pointing at the final big goal of the European Union. In order for that goal to be achieved, EU Member Countries will need to work together.  Combining their innovative thought and idea for new technological achievements, organizations from every European Country can take part in the implementation of innovative ideas towards the modernization of the EU industrial field.

The results that will occur after the implementation of these ideas will help the European Union set up the next action plan towards its final goal. Promising programs like for example the the 3D printing case ‘’ are able to help by improving support for pan-European demonstration facilities.  These are the types of programs that can support innovative ideas of every kind.

Technological achievements and their support towards modernization

Having a bright idea towards the manufacturing of a successful technological achievement that could support modernized innovation towards a fruitful European future is what every European organization must aim for.

If you are working or are the president of such an organization, work to bring your ideas to life, today. Find the European project that can support your ideas. Find the right partners and start by turning your idea into a successful proposal. When the time comes to implement that proposal, bring all of your best assets on the table and aim towards fast and accurate results.

IED has built a strong and steadily growing network of start-ups whose commitment to transparency, integrity and excellence is upheld by shared values and a set of standards. Our network includes technology partnerships in several countries, that have been established during the implementation of Startup Europe Awards, an initiative of the European Commission and Finnova Foundation. We have maintained regular, stable relationship for supporting start-ups, to enhance entrepreneurship and promote active and creative entrepreneurship. These start-ups, could act as pilot and validation phase in the field of additive manufacturing, assuring thus the highest impact and engagement of stakeholders in the sector.

Every EU Member State, every organization, every research centre and every company can help speed up the process for the EU industrial modernization. By implementing innovative ideas and by thinking out of the box, evolution is not going to be a farfetched goal anymore. It will be ‘’the reality just around the corner’’.

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