Startup ideas for 1000 €

The quantity of unemployed people grows as the companies cannot survive the economic crisis and many of them go bankrupt or just have to revise their spending and rationalize the company.Startups are the key. Many of those who were fired or who just cannot find work start to think of the ideas for their own business. Usually, there is not much money available to create your own startup, that is why we have prepared a list of low-cost business ideas which will help you to start your company for not more than 1000 €.

Innovating ideas can become startups

First of all, we advise you to save rent money by starting your business at home. You will have comfortable work conditions that don’t require additional payment. If you are good at sewing or knitting or embroidering, create a social media page and start selling your handmade products online. You will need to invest in the materials, equipment (e.g. a new sewing machine) and business cards. It is important to always have your business cards with you and distribute them during the exhibitions of your products, when meeting new people or in the stores which may sell your products.

Another low-budget idea for your startup is online advertising. If you are a professional marketer or PR manager, you may create your own PR and Marketing agency and work remotely for various companies. You can also write blogs, newsletters, press releases, etc. it will cost you nothing to write and sell articles, blog posts or advertising scripts. On the contrary, this job is fun and it will provide you with a good income.

You will need to invest some money

If you are a programmer or a Web developer, you can easily create a startup and develop useful and interesting applications, websites, programs and games. You will need to create a website for your startup and invest some money into advertising and website promotion. Your task will be to find customers and convince them to work with you. It is crucial for you to be able to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices. You have to prove that you are trustworthy and professional. That way the customers will want to work with you on a permanent basis and could suggest you to others.

Whether there is an economic crisis in your country or not, people marry anyway. So, it will be wise to create a wedding management agency. For this job you will have to find partners to help you. Basically, you will have to invest into the promotion and advertising of your agency and find good contractors who will help you organize the wedding ceremonies and parties. The idea is that people will pay you money for the organization of the wedding starting from the design of invitations all the way to the entertainment during the party.

To make a long story short, there are plenty of low-cost ideas for startups. Just think about what you are good at or what you are interested in doing and make business out of it.

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