Study on innovation models in the coworking sector

Because technological developments enable continuous access to an organization’s information resources (i.e. mobile technologies coupled with cloud computing, fostering continuous and distant access to the company’s applications), knowledge work has grown untethered and independent, free from the physical boundaries of the organization, in terms of both space and time.

The knowledge economy, coupled with the digitization of both processes and organizations, has led to deep changes in both the production and consumption of spaces dedicated to knowledge work. ~ (Moriset, 2014)

The spread of coworking practices have transformed the concept into a buzzword with increasingly high expectations concerning the improvement of the socioeconomic conditions of workers in the knowledge economy.

Coworking practices efficiently respond to the needs of the contemporary knowledge worker, among which, networking is central. Coworking is a manifestation of a broader transformation in the employment and organisational regimes in the knowledge economy, based on the socialization of value production – whereby coworking spaces seem to be functional to enable the circulation of information that leads to valuable outcomes.

To that direction, the new business models and innovation analysis you may find available here is oriented to analyze economic dimension of coworking spaces activities and is the result of:

  1. Desk research: consultation of available literature on coworking – articles, publications, etc. – to introduce primary concepts; explain major theoretical issues (coworking organisation, evolution patterns, organisational & business models, economic trends and forecast), advance primary questions about business model & innovation models;
  2. Online surveys carried out among coworking spaces in each regional territory of the COWORKMED.

Technology increases the value of every business. A coworking space is the kind of business that needs more attention. The more you focus on using technology to build your new innovative model for your business, the more likely you are to have a successful business. Choose the right technology for your business today!

Panagiotis Koutoudis
Lead Manager

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