Suggestions on how to Encourage Social Entrepreneurship

It is crucial to find and develop new strategies on how to encourage social entrepreneurship. This type of entrepreneurial activity combines financial benefits, with the implementation of solutions addressed to social, cultural, and environmental issues.

How to encourage social entrepreneurship

  • Dissemination of social entrepreneurship: Becoming known to a wider population. Disseminating of what this type of entrepreneurship is about; potential funding opportunities; and, chances of support.
  • Support hubs that promote social entrepreneurship: Advocating existing hubs, of pertinent activity, will enhance social entrepreneurship. Among the advantages, of such an initiative, is that it will connect people, from different walks of life, to exchange ideas and to contribute to change together. In addition, these hubs could operate as a supporting network for everyone, who intends to start a venture of this content.
  • Government support of pertinent entrepreneurships: Governments acknowledging the importance of this kind of entrepreneurship; hence, plan strategies that will facilitate and benefit social entrepreneurs and their professional activity.

Youth participation in social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship can prove to be extremely beneficial for youth. The fact that young people can be professionally involved to any economic activity, can induce awareness, and appreciation of the community and environment. Subsequently, it will also trigger active participation to political and social procedures.

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (iED) acknowledges the significance of social entrepreneurship; and, expresses its support by participating into numerous European projects of pertinent content.

The Erasmus+ project “SEYW: The added value of Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work” aims to bridge the gap between social entrepreneurship and youth work; by educating, the latter, on the subject; furthermore, sharing food practices and methodologies.

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