Call: For a better innovation support to SMES


TOPIC : Capacity-building for National Contact Points (NCPs) for SMEs and Access to Risk Finance under Horizon 2020

Topic identifier: INNOSUP-06-2016

Publication date: 14-10-2015

Types of action: CSA Coordination and support action

Deadline model: single-stage

Opening date: 15-10-2015

Deadline: 19-01-2016 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)

Topic Description

Facilitate trans-national co-operation between NCPs focused on the Horizon 2020 specific objective “Innovation in SMEs” and “Access to Risk Finance” – including those established in countries associated with Horizon 2020 and interested third countries – with a view to identifying and sharing good practices and raising the general standard of support to programme applicants, taking into account the diversity of the research and innovation-driven SME community, and complementarity with other support entities and networks, for instance the Enterprise Europe Network.

As read on the European Commission website.


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