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Supporting youths with special abilities through our “In Touch” project


People with special abilities many times face a lot of problems and discrimination both in education and employment. According to Eurostat 2012 there were 70 million people aged over 15 with a disability in the EU. Unfortunately, youths with disability are having less opportunities to go further in education and to get realized in the labour market. The Erasmus+ project In Touch, aims to share best practice to increase experience and competences in delivering education through non-formal education.

The specific goals of the In Touch project are as follows:

  • To build a long-term collaborative network of partners who are experts in the field of inclusion, empowerment and NFE entrepreneurship Objective
  • To research external and internal tools, methodologies and resources and produce a Best Practice Report. Objective
  • To use the partners vast knowledge and the collaboration on the Best Practice Report to design the framework of at least 5 inclusive KA2 Innovation projects on inclusion, empowerment and entrepreneurship for youth with special abilities especially disability in the next 24 months.

Partners from 9 south, north, eastern and western European countries are collaborating towards the completion of these goals. The partners will provide a review of entrepreneurship education for persons with fewer opportunities and will generate a genuine community of practice, a context for organic co-operation, learning and capacity building, and an inclusive collaborative working environment that reflects closely the ambitions of the partners. 

The project partners are as follows:

  • IKKAIDO LTD from the United Kingdom
  • Asociatia Babilon Travel from Romania
  • Aux Couleurs du DEBA from France
  • BACKSLASH from Spain
  • Eesti People to People from Estonia
  • Global Organization for Development from Bulgaria
  • Ikkaido Inclusive Martial Arts from Ireland
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development from Greece
  • Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu i Nauk o Zdrowiu from Poland

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