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Teaching Business Models – The skills needed!


The adaptation to new business models is a must for businesses nowadays. The pandemic has brought new needs and standards. In the next few years, the balances will shift and, on a worldwide level, companies will need to change and focus on these new models.

Teaching business models plans

As a VET trainer in the field of business, it is your responsibility to provide your audience with the right information in the right order. Helping them understand new business models, how they can change and adapt to them, and most importantly how they can be benefited from them is a number one priority.

You will need certain skills of your own that will help you impart your knowledge and help businesses evolve. In the field of business model education the most important skills you will need to have, are communication skills.

Passing the message

Being able to perfectly communicate your point is important in the understanding of new, innovative strategies. Several steps need to be taken to implement a new model and those steps will need to be tailor-made for each business separately.

It is a good idea for you to separate your teaching process into categories based on the steps that will need to be taken for a business to adopt a new business model. Starting you will have the General Knowledge and opinions. In this category, you will start by analyzing the idea behind modern strategies and listen to the opinions of your students.

Taking the process step-by-step

The second step will be to analyze the current business models. Trainees need to understand waht they are currently implementing. Analyzing it will help them find their strong and weak points. The strong points will be used as a basis for the next strategy and the weak points will be a guide as to what not to do.

After choosing a good business model it is time to break it down and analyze the elements. How will it work exactly? How will it help the company and what are the new potential improvements that may happen? This is a core process in understanding the new “status quo”.

Feedback on business models is important

Last but not least, you should focus on the feedback regarding the business models. After teaching your students about the business model, they will take it to their business and implement it. Will the model work? What will be the actual results?

In our new project ProBM 2, we are exploring the concept of new, modern business plans that can take a business to the next level. The national report developed under for the project entitled “Understanding and Developing Business Models in the Globalization Era” is an excellent handbook that will provide you with all the necessary information for this new and exciting journey for a business.

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