The Career Skills Project

A new project was launched in the beginning of this year. The Career Skills project aims at becoming a Europe-wide network and market-place for the following 3 types of target groups:

1. Young people and adults who seek support for career transitions and/or face challenges in matching to the labor market.

2. Career guidance practitioners and other intermediary bodies offering career support to individuals. They will receive ready-to-use training tools and resources, as well as access to the multi-functional platform through which they can present their services, achievements and good practices and get in contact with people that need support in developing their career management skills.

3. Relevant stakeholders, such as policy makers, experts, employers and educational institutions.

In order to reach the above mentioned aim the consortium will work towards five main results of the project:

  • The Career Skills Catalogue will list and explain the most essential career management competencies (CMS), which individuals need to successfully navigate their life and careers throughout their lifetime. The Catalogue will include a CMS framework describing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of each skill according to the different levels of proficiency. Additionally, a CMS online assessment tool will help individuals evaluate their own competences level against the framework and identify further development opportunities.
  • The Career Skills MOOC (massive open online course)  that will help people of all ages develop their career management skills.
  • The online map of career guidance services across Europe will link providers with individuals who need career information and support.
  • The Career Skills Network will be an online dissemination tool, where career guidance practitioners across Europe could benefit from peer learning, sharing of good practices, useful information, tools, and resources.
  • The Career Skills policy impact report will summarize the project results, lessons learned and policy implications and will distribute them across European and national stakeholders during the final events in 2022.

The partnership of this project consists of six different organizations across Europe:

  • The project coordinator Business Foundation for Education is a recognized leader in lifelong learning and career guidance in Bulgaria, whose innovative initiatives have a large impact on citizens’ employability and competitiveness.
  • The University of Jyvaskyla in Finland has expertise in career guidance both in practitioner training and research.
  • Aspire-Igen group – UK is the largest careers and training organization in the Yorkshire region and the UK Euroguidance center, part of a large network active in 34 countries and involving national resource and information centers for guidance.
  • VHS Cham – Germany has vast expertise as a quality education and training provider of various groups of learners, in developing methodologies for open educational resources and programs supporting individual employability and career fulfillment.
  • The Institute of Entrepreneurship Development is a Greek organization committed to the promotion of innovation and the enhancing of the entrepreneurial spirit. It has been involved in more than 150 projects addressing citizens’ competitiveness, career guidance, development of innovative educational resources and policy networking and consultations.
  • Réseau International des Cités des Métiers des Cites des Metiers – France: with its international network, comprising 33 information and counseling units in 9 countries, RICDM is an acknowledged provider of career guidance support on a regional level, benefitting thousands of citizens with different age, background and walks of life.

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Alexandra Chimona
Project Manager

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