The Digitize Enterprise Project

The sphere of entrepreneurship is no longer limited to the business dimension, but it now encompasses a wider array of value creation activities meant to empower young people to help them take initiative & find their own solutions. The shift in focus requires increased competences for youth workers dealing with young people, including disadvantaged groups such as NEETs to help them develop their entrepreneurial potential & gain employability.

The realization of the positive potential of digital media to achieve improved youth entrepreneurship & employability competencies depends on a number of preconditions & competences, including the respective training of youth practitioners. Youth workers need to have the skills & knowledge required to deliver digital youth work, being aware of the continually changing digital environment & the need to adapt content accordingly. The Digitize Enterprise project will thus simultaneously target two issues; the insufficient integration of digital youth work & the lack of effective youth initiatives that foster young people’s entrepreneurship & employability competences.

 Consequently, this will have a dual impact on young people. ‘Digitize Enterprise’ aims to collectively design, test, implement new digital tools & materials to foster youth enterprise skills & enhance the competences of youth-workers embrace digital youth work.


The project’s main objectives are:

  • To create & pilot a ‘Digitize Enterprise Youth-Work Toolkit’ incorporating a suite of media-rich digital materials aimed at enriching the delivery of non-formal youth enterprise learning.
  • To develop & test a ‘Digitize Enterprise Virtual Learning Lab’, an interactive game-based tool, designed to enable young people to take control of their own digital learning & recognition.
  • To drive the delivery of digital youth work & upskilling of youth workers’ digital competences to support their motivation & capacity to implement smart youth work.

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